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Welcome to CaseRe3, the digital open access repository of case reports in integrative healthcare. CaseRe3 is a resource for practitioners, educators, and researchers in the integrative healthcare disciplines. Practitioners can locate case reports on particular health conditions and find descriptions and results of treatment approaches across disciplines. Educators can find a rich source of teaching cases for problem-based learning and access a community of learning resources for teaching students about developing case reports. Researchers can group case reports to develop virtual case series, estimate sample sizes, or find qualitative data on patient experience.

CaseRe3 is a joint project created by a public-private partnership between the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of British Columbia and the Crocker Institute. We believe that case reports are a valuable form of foundational descriptive and observational research, and are especially important as a way to document 'whole discipline' practice in integrative health care.


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